From Broken to Beautiful

One thing about Renmen Abonde that definitely sets it apart from any other type of jewelry is that it is totally and completely customizable. Have an old piece of jewelry you no longer wear? Have a piece of your grandmother's jewelry that, with just a little updating, could be made into a beautiful, modern piece for you to enjoy for years to come?

With just a little work, you can take something old, broken, outdated, or maybe it just doesn't fit you the way you'd like it to, and make it into something beautiful.

This whole concept is derived solely from the way Jesus loves us. He takes us- broken, sinful, undeserving- and makes us beautiful, valued, and new again. What a sweet reminder of His grace, His love, and His faithfulness!

My friend, Savannah, recently purchased a quart sized ziplock bag crammed full of random assorted beads for me. It was such a sweet, thoughtful surprise and I could hardly wait to sort through it. I dumped the contents of the bag out onto the kitchen table and began sorting, and was so excited to find a great variety of all different kinds of beads... some of which I had never seen anything like before. This selection of bracelets is called the "Driftwood and Barnacle" collection, named after the driftwood-like bracelet third from the top and the brown barnacle-like bracelet at the bottom. While the other beads in this collection are not salvaged, these two were made from this bag of beads and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. So unique. So special. One-of-a-kind. I love it! From broken to beautiful.

My great aunt bought me a box of vintage jewelry at an estate sale because she knows that I like to use unusual beads. I cut up the strands, then reworked them into these new creations. Aren't they stunning?

The silver-wrapped gold gives them the perfect touch of modern-day-vintage, providing the lucky owners of these bracelets with a conversation piece that they can wear, right there on their arm!

My sweet friend, Bland, had these beads that she'd saved when one of her favorite pieces of jewelry broke a few years ago. It didn't take long, and before she knew it, she had a brand new Yurman-inspired gold and silver combination piece to cherish for years to come. Now, that's jewelry with a story!

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