Monday, February 16, 2015

Bracelets, Hope, and Spreading Awareness

One of my favorite parts about Renmen Abonde is the ability to brighten a person's day, get to know their stories, and give them a tangible reminder of God's love. In this case, I was able to send these long-prayed-over beauties to a girl who has just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time in two years. The aggressive breast cancer she is facing had metastasized to over 8 places in her body, including her liver and spine. I am so honored that the sweet giver of these bracelets thought of Renmen Abonde as a gift of hope and a reminder of Christ's abounding love || Join with me in praying for this victim of such a terrible, despised disease. Jesus is the almighty Healer, and He is bigger than whatever we face. Let love abound.

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